Thursday, October 11, 2012

RyeBelle's on Urbanspoon I want to share with you this story.Its about what happened to my good friend Diana Arzola who lives in Saint Joseph, MI. What happened to her and her Mexican friends yesterday it's unbeliveable. Please check it out: "I was kicked out of a restaurant almost escorted by the local police department along with all my friends just by being Mexican! At around 10:10pm the waiter refused to split us the bill and shortly after the owner came and asked us all, where are you from ladies? Mexico! Well, get up and go back to your country! We are Americans and we don't want you here anymore. Get out! And started shouting at us like mad! Then he continued to yell and said he was going to call the police and he did! We got out but they came and talked to us outside. This guy was crazy! We felt very offended. This happened at local RyeBelles! Friends don't go there anymore please!!! We are trying to figure out what actions can be taken as we were treated very bad." Her name is Diana Arzola. If somebody knows what they can do to sue this place or what they can do because it's was racist. The restaurant is RyeBelles, a new restaurant in downtown St. Joseph, the person kicking them out is owner Jim Champion and now he is denying what happened ----------------------------------------------------- Here is another person attending testimony: "Last Night I went out in a group of 13 ladies to celebrate a special friend's Birthday, in a very unfortunate way Ryebelles's owner Jim Champion approached us to ask: Ladies Where are you from? at the moment some of my girlfriends proudly shouted "Mexico!" To our shock and surprise, right away He yells: Well guess what! you have to Get up and Get back to your country! and he Continued yelling to us: Get Out! Get Out! pointing his finger to the door. Everybody was completely in shock, he kept saying WE ARE AMERICANS and we do not want you here, we do not want your money, You have to get up and get out...... He frantically continued GET OUT! GET OUT, OUT THE DOOR!!! , you don't have to pay, You gave us a bad time NOW we are going to give you a bad time! We supposedly gave them a bad time because we asked our server to split the check in three ways, which is not rare when we all go out together. And besides we were the only customers in that restaurant. They did have employees and time to do such a simple thing. He continued yelling: OUT THE DOOR or I will call the police!!, to what some of the ladies said you might call the police. Yes, We did nothing wrong! The police came to the restaurant, they kind of laughed at the matter, they excused him, saying that "He was tired and wanted to go home!" We all have either a business, children, a job, stress, we all get tired, that is not an excuse to treat people bad because of their ethnicity in the way he did, I can understand that he is tired but regardless of his personal situation, his poor management and behavior gives a very bad after taste to all of us. This is a business person that clearly should not be in business. The way he treated us was poorly and denigrating, his racism towards a "different" group of people, should not be tolerated. He needs to come back to the future... Hello 2012! This is not the 1950's. Disgusted! “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.