Saturday, November 13, 2010


In the US order yours at eri. alvarado @ gmail. com

This cuties took a lot longer to make than expected,
I spend days and nights finishing all the little details.
First heads, eyes, textures, body, wings, more textures,
paint base for eyes, eye lines, spackle dots in the wings...

I talked to my mom in the phone, and she mentioned to me
if I wanted to sell my stuff, I oughta do it more comercial
quality.. just quickly, less detail!

But I disagree, you see, my customers really appreciate
my work because they see how I'm
so proud of every single item I create by hand!!

So I took my time, and at the end, I was a happy camper!
each owl had its own personality, and to see
the happiness in eyes of the girls I made them for,
were priceless!


  1. Me encantan los buhos!!! y tienes toda la razón! para todo hay clientes, quienes buscan precio sobre calidad y quienes buscan detalles más personales.


    Estás haciendo cosas hermosas y con personalidad!

  2. gracias Orlissss wow mi primer comadre que me deja comentario!!!! besazos
    muah! (es verdad, no he visto a nadie mas con mi estilo!) ojala que no empiecen a salir por ahi mis buhos por otro lado, jaja